You CANNOT enroll learners that do not have email addresses from the Users page.

  1. Instead, go to any course, under the Enrollment tab, and click on the Add Learner button, then Add new users.

  2. Type the full name of the learner, for example 'John Smith', then click the Add button. The learner names will populate at the bottom of the window.
    ⚠️ You can bulk enroll learners as well (like you normally would with emails). Simply copy-paste all the names of your learners in the field, then click the Add button.

  3. The learners' names will populate in the window. Click on the Add users button.

  4. The system has automatically activated those learners' account (since they cannot do it themselves from the sign-up email). You can now share those automatically generated credentials (username & password) with your learners, together with the link to the Coassemble login page:

  5. Finally, click on the Download user CSV button, since this is the only time the username & password of your learners will be available.

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