⚠️ For more information on how to customize the finish screens, please read through the article How do I customize my learner’s finish screen?

The learners finishes the course and passes

Learners' will see this screen when they've finished a course and met all of the completion requirements. For example, your course could include 1 Lesson, and 1 quiz. If the learner views every screen in the lesson, and passes the quiz they'll see this screen.

The learner finishes the course and fails

This screen will only ever appear for learners' who are taking a course that includes a quiz that the learner has failed.

The learner finishes the course but is waiting for a facilitator to grade an assignment

Learners who finish a course with an assignment, will more than likely see this screen because more often than not they'll be waiting for a facilitator to grade their assignment.

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