Images are key to creating polished, engaging content. The combination of images and text forms the cornerstone of effective eLearning, especially when done right.

Coassemble wants to make it easy for you to create beautiful courses, which is why the platforms suggest or enforce a ratio everywhere you need to upload an image. This way, it’s close to impossible for you to make ‘ugly’ content. Your images will always look exactly right, no matter where you add them!

Images can be uploaded using the ‘Add Image’ button, which will appear when applicable. For information on how to use the ‘Add Image’ button, click here. You can also upload images straight to your WYSIWYG text editor – for information on how to do that, click here.

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Presentation templates (lessons)

If you are trying to add an image in one of our lesson templates, and your image does not fit the template recommended size below, remember that you can always add the image inline instead. For example, for the Timeline template, instead of adding the image using the Add image button, you can simply insert it in the description box, and resize it from there (with no limitations). Check out this article on adding images inline.

Interactive/challenge/quiz templates (lessons)


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