What's new in Coassemble?

🏠 Changes to the home screen

A number of changes were made to the home screen to make it more intuitive and performant for all of our users. These changes included:

  • New and improved UI to make it easier for you to access courses
  • The removal of lessons and quizzes from the home screen
  • The removal of the activity log

🧭 Course overview sidebar navigation

Out with the old, and in with the new!

This major UI update improves the way the course overview and sidebar navigation appear for your learners.

🔒 Improved visibility for unavailable courses

In Coassemble, there are a couple of scenarios where your learners' can be locked out of a course. This update clearly marks courses that are not accessible by displaying the course availability date, or the prerequisites they must complete first before they are granted access.

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🔗 Enrollment links expiry options

By default enrollment links never expire (unless you delete them). This update allows you to have your enrollment links expire on a set date, or after a set number of learners have been enrolled via the link.

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📊 Updates to reports

We made UI improvements to the following reports:

  • Lessons > Lesson report
  • Quizzes > quiz report
  • Assignments report
  • Courses > course > group > learner > quiz report
  • Share Link Usage report
  • SCORM usage report
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