Unfortunately, there is no way to force a learner to watch a video in Coassemble.

Our recommendation

Instead, we recommend that you add checkpoint questions right after the video screen/module. The ideal situation would be to have 1-3 questions (not too many) and make sure only a learner that watched the whole video can answer the questions.

If a learner tried to skip the video, they will HAVE to go back to watch it or will be unable to answer the questions and move forward.

You can also mention in the video description that some questions will follow (it can help motivate learners to watch it in the first place 😉).

This is a simple hack that makes the experience for the learner even better than forcing them to stay on a screen for a certain amount of time because it has the added value of checking for their understanding.

Video best practices

🎥 In general, we also recommend keeping your videos as short as possible. So if you have a long video, try breaking it up into smaller videos, and have them split up across different screens (alternating videos & checkpoint questions). Remember, the longer a video, the more likely people would want to skip it.

It also helps to add a video description, even if it's just one sentence, so learners know what the video is about. In the description, you can also give a heads up to the learner on the video duration.

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