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Enrollment links open up a whole range of possibilities, empowering you to deliver online training anytime, anywhere, and via any platform.

An enrollment link is a unique URL created for a course that can be sent using a method of your choice. You can send via email, a workplace communication platform like slack, or even your favorite social media platform.

When a recipient clicks the link, they are sent directly to a sign-up screen where they can sign up for the course. If your learners already have an account and are logged in, they'll be sent directly to the course — no more barriers, just one click, and go!

There is a range of scenarios where you may want to use enrollment links. Common problems enrollment links can solve are:

I want to customize the invitation email sent to my learners

If you don't like the standard system email that gets sent to learners when you enroll them into a course, paste an enrollment link into a custom email with the branding and messaging that suits your company best.

The courses in my workspace are optional

If you need a catalog of courses that your staff can pick and choose from, use a collection of enrollment links categorized just the way you want on your company website or intranet.

I don't know who my learners are yet

You may want to include your staff onboarding course in an automated welcome message for new staff members. As you don't need to know the details of new staff in advance, this saves you time and streamlines your processes.

I want to create a teaser course to share on social media

Maybe you're selling your courses online and want to provide a taster course free of charge? Create an enrollment link and share it. Copy. Paste. Easy!

To create your first enrollment link, click the edit button on a course. If it's a new course with no enrollments, you'll see something like this:

Online training platform enrollment links

If it's an existing course with enrollments you'll see something like this:

Online training platform enrollment links

Either way, all you need to do to create an enrollment link is click the 'Enrollment link' button, then 'Create enrollment link'.

Online training platform enrollment links

Congratulations - you've just created your first enrollment link! To copy the link to your clipboard, simply click the copy button and share it however you want.

Online training platform enrollment link

Expiry settings

By default, enrollment links never expire (unless you delete them). You can however have enrollment links expire on a set date, or after a set number of learners have been enrolled via the link. To do this, simply open the expiry settings panel to reveal these additional options.

Online training platform settings

If a user tries to access an expired enrollment link, they’ll encounter a message saying that the link is no longer active.

Online training platform settings

Sharing on third-party platforms

We use the open graph protocol for enrollment links so that when you share your link on a third-party platform like Slack or Linkedin, it displays a preview of the course.

The course preview includes; Title, image, description, and URL. The preview does vary from platform to platform, however, the preview will look similar to the screenshot shown below. This information is automatically pulled from the course overview screen that you set up from the 'Overview' tab in your course.

Online training platform enrollment link

What is the experience for learners?

When a learner clicks a link, be it from a custom email, your website, or Slack channel, they'll be sent directly to the course.

If the learner isn't logged into their Coasssemble account, they'll be prompted to add their email address and password before they can access the course.

Online training platform settings

If the learner doesn't already have an account, they'll need to take the additional step of adding their first and last name to get started.

Group Enrollment links allow you to share a single link that will automatically enroll the recipient into multiple courses.

How do these differ from Enrollment links that you create in a course?

The main differences are as follows:

  • An Enrollment link is automatically created for every group when you need it

  • You can't delete a group Enrollment link

  • Group Enrollment links are accessed from the Users > Groups > Group screen

  • When a learner access a group Enrollment link they are directed to the learner dashboard, instead of directly to a single course

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