This article focuses on Basic & Presentation Templates.

What’s common with all the lesson templates?

  • All lesson templates look great on mobile

  • All lesson templates look better when you have less content (divide to conquer)

  • You can change the colors displayed in lesson templates from the Customize page (Lesson Template Colors Help article)

  • You can search for any template name in our Help Centre and you'll find an article on how to use it

What's the difference between Basic & Presentation Templates?

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The main difference between basic templates (image on the left) and presentation templates (image on the right) is the level of interactivity for the learner. All presentation templates required the learner to click on an item (or scroll down for the timeline template) to reveal all the content. While some of the basic templates do require clicking (slideshow, video, case study), presentation templates are typically more interactive. Presentation templates are also more unique to Coassemble.

Basic & Presentation Templates Comparison Cheat Sheet

Let’s have a look at the matrix now, and what each column means:

  • Favorites: templates that the Coassemble team love using

  • No image: template works well without images

  • 1 image: template works well with 1 image

  • >1 images: template works well with more than one image

  • Single item: content conveys only one idea

  • Multiple items: content can be broken down into multiple items/ideas/categories

  • Process/step: template can be used to show a process or steps

  • Other templates you can use: the closest alternative to that template

  • What is it?: a short description of what makes this template unique


Online training platform training course module


Online training platform training course module

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