Custom URL Requirements:

  • You must already own the domain. Don't have one? Check out or
  • It needs to be a subdomain such as or We don't support using base domains at this time.

To learn more or to purchase this add on feature, flag us down on - otherwise, once you're ready, follow the steps below to get started!

Step 1: Create your custom domain name

Pick a name that you'd like to associate with your workspace, within a domain that you own, eg. and then create a DNS record set that corresponds. The method of doing this will vary depending on your domain provider.

Create a new CNAME record set that associates with CNAME

Step 2: Request a Certificate from Coassemble

Contact us via live chat to request a certificate for your custom workspace domain name and let us know whether you will be validating the certificate through email or a DNS record. Our team will coordinate with you to assure you have the capacity to implement before issuing.

Validations via DNS or email must be in place and verified within 72 hours of request, otherwise a new request must be initiated.

Step 3: Validate the Certificate

Option A: Validating by Email

An email will be sent to the following addresses:

  • administrator@custom_domain_name
  • hostmaster@custom_domain_name
  • postmaster@custom_domain_name
  • webmaster@custom_domain_name
  • admin@custom_domain_name

Once the email message is received, click the link in the message to validate the certificate request, and it will be issued.

Option B: Validating by DNS

Create a new record set to prove domain ownership. Coassemble will advise on the exact details required. Your individual DNS record/s will be specific to your workspace and will be advised by Coassemble.


For those hosting providers that specify each field separately, this format for this example record would then be:



Additional notes:

  • if required, we recommend the default TTL of 300 (seconds).
  • if prompted, the Priority should be optional, this only applies for MX type records.

Step 4: Enable traffic to the new domain name

Please advise your CS team once you have validated the certificate and when you are happy for traffic to be switched over. Coassemble will then install the certificate to allow traffic to your workspace.

Any traffic to your initial workspace will be redirected to the new domain name.

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