How will courses be displayed on the learner dashboard?

The first time learners access their dashboard, courses will be displayed in the order they were enrolled into them (the last course they were enrolled into will be first). Once they start to view courses, they will be automatically be sorted by 'Recently Viewed'.

Are there other ways to sort courses?

Of course there is! Learners can use the course filter (top right corner) to reorder courses by course name, date completed, date started, progress, recently viewed, whatever they prefer!

And there is also one additional option: we can enable course codes on your account (just ask us to do it via chat). When you are editing a course, there will be an extra field in the overview tab, just on top of the title field, where you can add a number or text. From their dashboard, learners will be able to filter by recently viewed OR by resource code, which will show courses in the order of the resource code numbers you've previously assigned.

The default view of courses is still sorted by 'recently viewed', so learners will need to manually sort by Course code order, and course codes will appear in smaller grey font, under the course title.

How can I make it easy for learners to know which course they should complete first?

  • You can use the overview images as a colour codes for learners. For example, you could ask learners to first complete all the blue courses, then red than yellow. This is especially useful when a learner has been assigned MANY courses.
  • You could set start date & pre-requisite to hide unavailable courses. If a course availability date is set in the future, or has course prerequisites that have not yet been completed, the course image will be greyed out with a lock icon. While this does not affect the course order, it makes it visually intuitive for learners to know which course they should tackle first. Learn more here.
  • You could number your courses. Simply add a number at the beginning of the course title. This way, when learners sort courses in alphabetic order, they will appear in the order they should be completed in.

⚠️ Please note that what you set on the create screen will not re-order the Learner screen for participants.

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