Pay tribute to your learners' success by issuing them a certificate of completion. The 'Certificate' tab, found inside each course, allows you to create and issue certificates to learners who successfully complete your courses. 

What the learner sees

When a learner finishes a course successfully they'll automatically be issued a certificate that will appear on the finish screen.

Once a certificate is issued, the learner can download the certificate or share it using a public link. 

Each certificate issued to your learners is stored in their very own 'Certificate library'. This allows learners to review and share their certificates at any time.

How to create and start issuing certificates for your team

As a trainer, you can create and customize certificates for your courses from the 'Certificate' tab inside each course.  Before you start issuing certificates, you'll want to customize your certificate to make sure it fits your brand and displays just the way you want it.

Customizing certificates

Each course comes with a pre-configured certificate design that you can use as a base for designing your own certificate. To get started, click the 'Edit' button. 

Layout and background options

Premium certificates come with 6 different background options, each with 3 layout variations; left-aligned, centered, and right-aligned. This gives you a total of 18 possible background configurations. 

If you're feeling creative, you can design your own background using our layout templates. Before designing your own background, download our layout templates by clicking on the Layout option and selecting 'Download layouts'. Use these as a guide to ensure your backgrounds work with the fields provided for certificates.

Font and font color options

Premium certificates come with 10 different font options allowing you to create a unique certificate that fits with your brand. In addition, premium certificates allow you to add a custom font color. 

Certificate field options 

We've included a number of field options that will provide you with everything you need to issue certificates to your learners just the way you want. Premium certificates allow you to hide every field, edit the title and approved by fields, and add your company logo.  

Logo field
You may want to hide the logo field if you've included your logo on a custom background or if you don't want any logo. If you want to upload your own logo simply click the edit button on the logo field. 

Title field
By default, the title name field is displayed as 'Certificate of completion'. Premium certificates allow you to change or hide this field if this isn't the message you want to display here. 

Learner name and course name fields
The learner name and course name fields are automatically populated with the learner name and course names. Premium certificates allow you to hide both these fields.  

Approved by field
The approved by field allows you to add the name of the person you'd like as the approver of this certificate. By default, your name will appear in this field, however, you can manually override this by typing in a different name. You can also hide this field if you don't want it displayed on the certificate.

Date issued field
The date issued is the date your learner successfully completed the course. This field can be hidden if you don't want it displayed on the certificate. 

Valid until field
The valid until field allows you to expire a certificate after a certain period. You choose a fixed date, or a dynamic time period after the course is completed. If you don't want the certificate to expire, simply hide this field.

Saving certificate templates for re-use

Premium certificates allow you to save a design you've created as a template for re-use in another course. To save a design as a template, choose the 'Save as template' option from the save menu. 

Online training platform settings

To access saved templates for use on another course, simply click the '+ New' button to reveal your saved templates. Choose the template you'd like to use for the course, and save it.  

Online training platform settings

Issuing certificates 

Once you're happy with your design, start issuing by turning certificates on for your course. Any learner who successfully completes your course will be issued a certificate. 

Any certificate issued by a learner will appear in their certificate library. You can also display certificates on the course finish screen by heading over to the finish screen tab and applying this option.

What happens if you change a certificate after it has been issued? 

Any certificate that is issued to a learner is stored with the configuration that was applied to the certificate at the time of issue. Any changes you make to a certificate will not be passed onto issued certificates.

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