Celebrate your teams' success and improve knowledge retention with a touch of delight by tailoring the course finish experience for your learners.  

How can I customize the finish screen?

As a trainer, you can tailor course finish experiences for your learners using the 'Finish Screen' tab inside a course. You can tailor the finish experience to suit each possible finish state on your course. Depending on what modules you have in your course, there are 3 possible finish states:

  1. The learners completes the course and passes

  2. The learner finishes the course and fails (only available if you have a quiz or assignment module)

  3. The learner finishes the course but is waiting for a facilitator to grade an assignment (only available if you have an assignment module)

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What can I customize in the finish screen?

The following options are customizable in all 3 possible finish states: 

  • Title

  • Message

  • Image (choose from ours, or upload your own)

You can also customize these two additional options ONLY for the Pass finish screen:

  • Confetti (choose to throw confetti when a learner passes the course, match the confetti to your brand colors, decide on a fireworks or cannon confetti style)

  • Certificates (switch it on)

⚠️ Check out the What does the learner finish experience look like? article to learn more about what your learners will see.

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