Courses in Coassemble form the foundation for much of what you'll do in the Coassemble platform. 

Courses are: 

  • where you add and create resources
  • what you enrol learners and learner groups into
  • What the system tracks progress on to produce reports
  • what your learners will interact with 

The first thing you'll see as you enter the Coassemble platform are courses, it is from here you can create and edit courses. 

To create your first course, simply click the 'create course' button. If you'd prefer to see an existing course, click anywhere on any course card on the dashboard.

Inside Courses

'Overview' tab

After entering a course, you'll be presented with the course overview tab. 

The course overview tab is where can add important information about the course to be displayed to learners when they study the course. 

You can configure the overview to display a title, cover image, description, details on learning outcomes, and set up course prerequisites if required. 

The following screenshot provides and example of what a learner sees after entering a course. 

'Modules' tab

The modules tab is where you create the content that your learners will engage with. Modules you can user include: 

To add modules, simply click the 'Add new module' button and select the module you want to use.

The simplest modules to work with are videos, documents, external links, and SCORM as they require just 2 steps to set up. More complex modules like Lessons and Quizzes provide you with a suite of templates you can use to build truly engaging content.  These require a little more time and effort to set up. To access these you'll need to click the edit button on the module after it's been added.

'Enrolments' tab

Although you can add and invite new learners from the enrolments tab, we recommend that you invite all of your learners and create groups from the 'Users' page which can be accessed from the side menu. 

The enrollments tab in a course allows you to configure how and when your learners interact with the course. These include things like availability dates, module specific settings and timezone settings. 

Find out more here.

'Notifications' tab

Your Coassemble workspace allows you to configure global course notifications that set the rules for notifications for every course. This notifications tab allows you to override those settings for individual courses. 

'Reports' tab

The reports tab provides you with a quick snapshot into how learners are progressing in the course. Drilling down into the report, will push you to the reports section where you can dig deeper into how your learners are tracking. 

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