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Today we released some significant changes to the Drag and Drop template which is available as a challenge, and checkpoint & quiz question type.  

We made this change to provide learners with a more consistent experience across multiple devices. While designing the change, we discovered that many of our users were using long descriptions rather than labels in the drop box area. Because of this, extra large images were required to cater for such a large amount of text, meaning that the draggable images were often not visible on the screen. 

To counter this problem we've designed a carousel to house the images so that even with a large number of images the learner will have easy access to every draggable item. On mobile, this carousel docs to the bottom of the screen.  

In addition, the drop areas are no longer the same dimensions as the image, providing more screen realestate for users to create their drag and drop challenges. 

If you've never used the Drag and Drop template, check out the how to use the Drag and Drop template article

We hope you enjoy these updates. If you have any problems, please get in touch at

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