The Coassemble team has been hard at it working to deliver new features and performance improvements for our users. The most notable changes made in the month of November are listed below: 

Quiz report update - see which questions are most frequently answered incorrectly!

We've added a new feature to our quiz reports that means you;

  • can see which quiz questions are most frequently answered incorrectly

  • can get a good understanding of where you may have gaps in your training

  • have an opportunity to adjust your course content to cover these areas in more detail

Progress Markers

We released a new feature called progress markers that allows your learners to keep track of their progress when working through presentation templates.

New lesson and quiz template template icons

We've updated our lesson and quiz templates giving them a more modern look and feel. 

Other notable changes

  • We've ensured that your learners are directed straight to a course if they attempt to start a course after they're logged out

  • If your username is the same as your email address, you can now update it without having to contact support for help

  • You can now 'Get this user's activation link' code on the new users expanded profile page

  • We've made headway in providing custom domains and email addresses - watch this space!

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