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As a trainer it is important to know which quiz questions are most frequently answered incorrectly in your courses. This allows you to get a good understanding of where you may have gaps in your training, providing the opportunity to adjust your course content to cover these areas in more detail.

To get to the Quiz Reports click the Reports button on the left-hand-side navigation bar. Once you're on the reports page, click on the 'Reports menu' button and then select the 'Quiz Reports' option.  Choose a quiz from the list of quizzes. 

The aggregated data can be found in the table below the quick stats section.
You'll see each question listed with associated stats that include:

  • The number of learners who answered correct (toggle the 'Show %' button to view as a percentage)
  • The average time spent on each question
  • A totals row displaying the total questions answered correctly, and the average total time spent on the quiz as a whole

Please note that the export option only exports this section of the quiz.

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