Changes to presentation templates

We've made a number of changes to presentation templates — these include the Acronym, Springy List, Checkpoint, and Hotspot templates.  Find our more.

Billing contact

We've removed the concept of finance managers from Coassemble and replaced this with a billing contact. A billing contact the contact in your organization that needs to receive invoices and/or issues related to billing e.g. credit card charge failures.

Learner dashboard

We've updated the learner dashboard so that your learners will now see the 'All Courses' tab by default, sorted by the most recently viewed.

Language support

We now have language support for Brazlian Portuguese and Spanish on the learner facing pages of the application. Unfortunately, the emails learners receive cannot be translated at this time.


  • We've improved the learner journey by letting illustrating better to learners that course completion is pending the grading of assignments if they exist.

  • We've included the published ID of assignment grades via the public API. 

Avatar colors

We've made a slight improvement to the avatar colours used in the app

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