This article is relevant to users on the Author, Pro, Extend, and Enterprise plans. 

Presentation templates are designed to encourage your learners to interact and discover the concepts you set out in your lesson content. It also allows you to chunk concepts into individual sub-concepts or points, improving learner retention and reducing cognitive overload. One downside to doing this, is that your learners could lose track of where they're up to when viewing a presentation template with many elements. To solve this problem, we've introduced progress markers that can be displayed on each element to help learners keep track of where they're up to. 

Progress markers are displayed visually as empty checkboxes that appear checked off as the learner works through each element. 

The progress markers checked background color is determined by the success color for your workspace. We recommend that this is always a green that suits your brand palette. 

How to turn progress markers on for your workspace 

To start using progress markers for your workspace, simply follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Navigate to the settings menu in the navigation, then click 'Workspace settings'.

Step 2: Under the 'Resource settings' section, toggle the 'Use progress markers...' switch to ON.

You'll notice that once you switch this setting on, you'll be provided with an additional setting that allows you to 'Enforce completion'. By utilizing this additional setting, you can force learners to view every element in the presentation template in order for the course to be marked as complete.

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