This article is relevant to users on Pro, Extend, and Enterprise plans.

Listed below are a number of minor changes we've made to the presentation templates. 

Acronym template

The Acronym template received the most notable changes. We've adjusted the shape of the acronym's letters to bring them more in line with the rest of the platform. 

Flowchart template

At the request of many of our users, we've changed the 'Next' button to say 'Start' instead. This was done to alleviate confusion caused by two next buttons appearing. 

Hotspot template

You'll notice now that the checkpoint template checks off after viewing each item. 

Checklist template 

The checklist template styles have adjusted so that it behaves more like a checklist, striking through each item as you mark it off. At the request of many users, we've stopped forcing learners to check through the items sequentially. 

Timeline template 

The timeline template now animates the cards into view as you scroll down the screen.

Springy list template

We've added an additional 8px margin between the buttons to give the buttons a little more breathing space. 

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