Groups are a useful feature for organising a selection of learners who share a common attribute—they may be sales staff from the L.A office, or new employees ready for on-boarding training—how you group learners is flexible and up to you.

Groups are really handy when you want to:

  • Quickly enroll multiple learners into one or more courses
  • Enroll a new learner straight into a set of relevant courses, for example; staff on-boarding content or sales training for new hires
  • View course results for a selection of learners

Additionally, if you find yourself manually enrolling each new learner in the same set of courses, consider using a group instead.

On the users page, from the groups tab, you can create a new group, add learners and trainers to this group and then enroll that group in a selection of courses.

First, create a new group by clicking the 'Create group' button on the groups tab—this will display the create group modal. Give your group a name and click the 'Create group' button.

Next, add some learners to your new group. On the group row within the table, click the 'Add learner to group' button, select the learners you want to add, then click 'Confirm'.

Now you've added some learners to this group, let's enroll the group in a few courses. 

On the group row within the table, click the 'Enroll group in course' button. Within the course picker dropdown, select the courses you'd like to enrol the group in, then click the 'Confirm' button. Remember—all learners who belong to the group will receive an email invite as soon as the group is enrolled in the course.

Additionally, you may want to add one or more trainers to the group with the ability to grade content or add new learners to the group. To add a trainer to the group, click the 'Add trainer to group' button for that group within the table. 

Within the trainer picker dropdown, select the trainer(s) you'd like to add to the group and click the 'Next' button. Now chose the permission you'd like assign to the trainer for the group. There are two options:

  • Teach allows a trainer to view and grade results for learners within the group
  • Teach + Enroll allows a trainer to view and grade results for learners within the group, plus add new learners and trainers to the group.

After you've made your selection, click the 'Confirm' button to finish adding a trainer to your new group. 

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