The team at Coassemble have been working extraordinarily hard getting ready to release the all new users page for managing learners and trainers within the platform. In addition to a number of under the hood improvements, the most notable changes for this month are listed below:

Adding Existing Resources to the Course Pathway 

In addition to Quizzes, Lessons, and Assignments, you can now add existing Documents and Videos to your course pathways. 

Tracking Records

Previously, when a trainer removed a Module from a course, if there were any learners who had completed all other module except for the module that was removed, they were unable to complete reach a completed status. To resolve this, when a module is removed, the progress and completed status is automatically recalculated.

Portuguese (Brazilian) Translations

We've just implemented our first language translation to the student facing content. This came about as a partnership with one of our international customers.

Performance Improvements

We've made some major improvements under the hood by refactoring a number of SQL queries.

Other Notable Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • We've resolved a problem where as a learner you get multiple emails when you are enrolled in multiple courses instead of getting 1 email that combines all the invites into a single email.  

  • We've fixed an issue where user permissions weren't being translated properly in emails.  

  • We've improved the logic for who is sent the "Grant permissions to edit" emails

  • Fixed a problem where users couldn't add compliance mapping to assignment questions. 

  • Fixed an issue where double scroll bars were appearing on Windows 10 in the Chrome Browser.

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