As you navigate through the Coassemble platform, you'll notice a number of references to Resource folders. Resource Folders allow you to organise the resources you create into different folders that you can then use to filter and sort results on the home screen, within reports, and from the resource library. 

Managing resource folders from the resource library

To get to your resource library, click on the on the 'Resources' button on the navigation bar and select the 'Resource library' option from there. 

To add a new resource folder, click the 'Courses' button from the sidebar. Once you've created your new resource folder you'll be able to start adding new resources, or move existing resources to the folder. 

By default, the resource library displays all of your lessons, quizzes, assignments, and documents. To filter the results, simply select the a resource library from the sidebar, and the results will update to show only the resources that belong to that resource folder. 

Clicking on a resource in the list will reveal what courses the resource has been added to. As you hover over the row, you'll also notice a context menu (...) becomes visible. Clicking on this provides you with a number of actions that can be taken on the resource. These include preview, edit, move, copy, and delete. 

Adding resources to resource folders

Resources can only be added to a resource folder when you create or edit a resource. They can however be moved from one resource folder to another from the resource folder by choosing 'move resource to' option from the context menu (...).  

You can add courses, lessons, quizzes, and assignments to resource folders when creating or editing them. On the edit screen of each resource, you can change the resource folder by clicking on the resource folder name as illustrated below. 

Using resource folders as filters

Resource folders can be used to filter courses from the home page, and from the results report. 

By default, the home page displays courses from all resource folders. To filter by a particular resource folder, click the 'All resource folders' selector and switch it to the name of the resource folder you want to filter by. 

You can also filter the results on the 'Results report' in the same way. 

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