The month of June 2019 was dominated by foundational development we are working on for new features coming soon, including a new and improved users page, resource library updates, and a notifications and future events micros-service that will form the backbone of features like automated reminders and custom reporting. We hope to have some of these features released in the next 6 weeks. 

The most notable changes for this month include the following: 

Improvements to lesson templates

We've spent some time this month refactoring the code for some of our older templates ensuring they continue to work in all modern browsers. While we were working on these, we also chose to make a few cosmetic improvements. 

These changes include new transition animations, rounded corners on cards, and improved hover states. The templates effected were:

  • Side slide 

  • Timeline

  • Text pop

  • Icon hover

  • Springy list

Performance enhancements

We've made a number of improvements under the hood to make things a little quicker to load in some ares of the app. These areas include, the partner reports and the lesson outline page.  

Notable bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in IE11 where the background color for the steps template was not extending to the bottom of the page

  • Improved the springy list template so that the content description sticks to the page ensuring it is always visible

  • Added additional margin to the bottom of the SCORM module so that the content never gets obscured by the floating navigation

  • Fixed a bug where the quiz report wasn't displaying results correctly for a group that was enrolled in multiple courses that contained the same quiz

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