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The video module lets you quickly and easily add videos directly into your course pathway allowing you to create media rich courses in minutes. 

How to use the video module

From the modules tab in your course, simply click the 'Add New Module' button and select the video option. 

Clicking this will bring up a modal window with a number of different options for adding videos. Give your video a title and brief description explaining what the video is about.  

There are 4 ways you can add a video: 

1. Paste a known URL

You can paste a URL from a know video provider such as Vimeo, YouTube,  ClickView, or Brightcove directly in to the Video URL field. 

2. Upload videos from your desktop 

If you're on one of our pro plans, you can directly upload a video from your desktop to the Coassemble private Vimeo account. Simply drag or click the drop marquee to add your video.

3. Search for videos on Vimeo

Vimeo is a great resource for high quality videos on a whole range of topics. There are less videos on Vimeo, however, the quality of video available is often much better than what you can get from Youtube.  Use the input box to search for an appropriate topic. Click the 'Go!' button and select a video from the list of results. 

4. Search for videos on Youtube

Youtube has the largest library of videos on the planet. You can find a video to suit almost any topic. Type what you're looking for and click the 'Go!' button to bring up a list of results. 

Once you are happy with your choice, simply click the check button to save your video to the Course Pathway, and you'll see it appear at the top of your list. 

Click the preview button to see how it looks in your course.

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