April was a very strange month for us at Coassemble. This year we had 3 public holidays line up within 2 weeks causing half the team to apply for vacation! Regardless, we still got a few things done.. the most notable changes are listed below: 

Assignments and Grading


We've added a new submissions tab on the grading screen that displays a list of all the learners who have submitted Assignments, in the order they were submitted. 

You can sort submission by:

  • Ungraded submissions

  • Submission date

  • Assignment title

  • Learner name

Recording the Grader of Assignments

We've started recording the grader of Assignments so that we can display this on the reports. If you head over to the Assignments report, you'll now be able to see who graded the assignment in addition to the date and time it was graded.

Other notable changes

  • We've created an option on the Input Text template that allows you to specify whether answers need to be case sensitive 

  • Your custom branding now appears on more of the email templates that get sent through to your users. We're still working on this so that all emails are covered. 

  • We now allow .sb2 (scratch) files to be uploaded on assignments

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