February 2019 was our first full month as Coassemble! We've spent the month hard at work tweaking the redesign, working on a major performance improvement, adding additional functionality, and working on new features to be released soon. 

Major Performance Improvement

The team at Coassemble have developed a micro-service that is used to cache user permissions in the platform. 

Currently, when any user loads a page in Coassemble, it looks up exactly what that user can and cannot see, and what the user can or cannot do with those things. What the micro-service does, is cache those permissions so that Coassemble doesn't have to look them up the next time the user visits the same page.  So basically, once you've visited a page once, it will load almost instantly the next time you visit. 

Please note that this is not a silver bullet, and there are things we can do to improve the service over time. The main caveat being that when something new is created on the campus (e.g. a new course, or a new enrolment), the cache is cleared and has to be rebuilt. Despite this, the results from the implementation are are incredible. Test it for yourself and you'll see!

Lessons and Quizzes

Lessons and Quizzes are now available from the resource library page. This is the first step in possibly moving the resources from the dashboard so that we can focus the home page on Courses.

Video Template Supports Direct Uploads

The Video template now supports direct uploads from your desktop. As with other video uploads, these videos get added directly to Coassembles' private Vimeo account.

Note: Video uploads is a premium feature only available on some plans. 

New Simplified Plan (CORE)

In the background the team have also been working on a new base-level-plan with stripped back functionality for customers looking for an even simpler training platform. 

It has all the same creation functionality, but the learning management has been stripped back, providing just the fundamentals for delivering quality online training. 

The Core plan will not include Departments or Groups. The number of reports available have been reduced, and we'll be introducing new simplified permissions and a streamlined enrollments page that will be rolled out to all other plans soon.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue where next billing amount was displaying an incorrect amount. 

  • Fixed a but where some users couldn't use custom feedback pop-ups 

  • Fixed various issues with IE11 and the new learner dashboard

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