The team have been busy working on a brand new participant dashboard that we hope to release late this year or early in the new year. In addition to these major works are a number of improvements and bug fixes: 


  • We now record the grader of an assignments for display on reports
  • We've upgraded our infrastructure in the USA to help improve performance
  • We've made some minor improvements to the Branching scenario template so that you can now zoom in and out of the scene preview
  • Users' email addresses have been added to the inactive user report CSV export 
  • Implemented internal penetration testing to improve platform security
  • Made some performance improvements to the grades screen, more improvements on the way

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where disenrolled participants were showing on the grades screen
  • Upgraded our LTI implementation so it plays better with Canvas LMS
  • Fixed a bug where re-ordering lesson tiles wasn't working for some users
  • Made some improvements to our SCORM player to ensure all external SCORM objects are tracked correctly 
  • Fixed a bug where some users couldn't add new items to the steps template
  • Fixed a bug with the Drop tab template

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