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Videos are a great way to present content to your participants and using either the Video Template or embedding videos inline, you are able to include videos throughout your Coassemble course. 

If you have a video that doesn't already exist on Youtube or Vimeo, you are able to upload your video file to these platforms to obtain the URL required to insert the video into a specific screen for your course.

This article will step you through how to upload a video to Vimeo and then insert into your Coassemble course. To see how this can be achieved with Youtube, check out this article.

Step 1
Go to Vimeo and follow the steps to create an account. (A free account allows you to upload 500mb per week with a Total storage limit of 5GB).

Step 2
Click the Upload button

Step 3
Drag and drop your video file or click Choose files to locate the video file you wish to upload

Step 4
Give your video a Title and Description and click Save and then Edit Settings

Note: If you have a paid account, you will be able to alter the Privacy of your video so that it is hidden from Vimeo users. It will not be searchable in Vimeo but will be able to be displayed within your course via the URL.

Step 5
From the menu bar on the left hand side click Embed and then on the right hand side click Embed Code

Step 6
Highlight the URL located in the inverted commas of the Embed Code and then right-click and Copy the URL

Note: Clicking Copy will copy the entire embed code, in this instance we only need the URL

Step 7
Follow the steps in the Video Template or embedding videos inline article to insert the video into your Lesson.

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