How can I set up prerequisite for a specific course?

  1. Inside a course, click on the (...) button, then View course settings button.

  2. In the Course prerequisites section, click on the Show more button and scroll down.

  3. Type the name of a course into the field and click on the + sign next to it to add it as a prerequisite to this course (it may take a few seconds to load). You can repeat this step if you want to add more prerequisite courses.

  4. You can exit the window, your changes will have automatically saved.

How will courses with prerequisites look for my learners?

If your learners are assigned a course that has a prerequisite (and that prerequisite course has not yet been completed), it will be unavailable to them.

📖 How do unavailable courses appear on the learner dashboard?

How could I use course prerequisites?

If you want your learners to complete multiple courses (as part of your company onboarding for example), in a specific order, you could set up one prerequisite per course. So course B would have course A as prerequisite, course C would have course B as prerequisite, and so on. This way, it would be very easy for learners to know which course is next for them, as it would only become available once the prerequisite has been completed

If you have multiple courses on the same topic, and want to make sure someone does the beginning course before the intermediary or advanced one, you may want to use prerequisites. This is especially relevant when you are not directly enrolling your learners, and they are self-enrolling to those courses (perhaps via your ecommerce site, or from your internal course library).

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