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It is often the case that a participant will require studying a course or multiple courses to gain an initial understanding of a topic before they are able to proceed studying the topic at a higher level or without the base understanding.  

With this in mind, you are able to include prerequisite course/s for a specific course you are wanting your participants to study. This will force students/staff to complete the required courses before they can start the new course.

Step 1
Navigate to the Overview page of the course you are wanting to include prerequisite courses for by clicking Edit

Step 2
Click the Course Prerequisites tab from the Overview page

Step 3
Type the name of the prerequisite course in the blank field and click the title to add it to the list

Note: When a participant is enrolled in to this course, they will be prompted to complete the prerequisite courses before they are able to start studying this course. This will enrol them in to the prerequisite courses as well.

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