Listed below are the most notable product changes released over the month of October: 

New Lesson Template - Document Upload

We've developed a new template that has whole range of possible uses. It can be used as a way for learners to upload completed surveys, assignments, or evidence that they've completed an offline task. You can choose to provide a file for your learners to download, or have them upload their own. Check out the article to find out more. 

Email Invitations and Complete Profile UI

We've greatly improved the invitation emails that get sent to team members and participants. This change provides the receiver more context about why they are receiving the invitation, helping to reduce confusion some users were experiencing. The template now includes your company logo and a generic message that appears to come from your campus manager. 

This theme is continued in the next step where new users are asked to complete their profile.

Changes to Reports

  • We've added the ability to filter results via department on the results report

  • Participants are now displayed alphabetically on the grade screen 

  • Participants can now be sorted on the course > groups report

Other notable changes

Coassemble now...

  • automatically dis-enrols participants from all courses when their account is deactivated. 

  • includes the course code and name in notifications when an assignment is submitted

  • displays detailed documentation explaining SAML 

  • allows Zapier users to add the enrol permission to group facilitators when using Zapier for enrolments 

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