This article is relevant for users on the Extend, and Enterprise plans.

Our OAuth Integration is a Single Sign On module that provides an option for customers to connect 3rd party platforms and authenticate users. 

The OAuth Integration is an optional feature that can be enabled upon request after discussion with the Coassemble team or your sales representative. 

Once enabled in your account, you can see the configuration interface is well annotated with helpful guides to each of the associated fields and should give you a good feel for what the Coassemble platform expects for this kind of SSO.

Any authentication system that conforms to the OAuth 2.0 standard should be able to provide these parameters and authenticate users for Coassemble login.


OAuth is an open standard for delegating access to Internet resources.  Coassemble provides an integration which allows organisations to use existing OAuth 2.0 compliant authentication servers to securely share user account information without providing account passwords.


The OAuth Authentication feature is configured in Coassemble via the Campus Settings page, on the Integrations tab, in the Advanced group.  Please see below for a detailed look at the configuration parameters. 



Information Mapping

Talk to the Coassemble team about trying our OAuth Integration today!

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