Listed below are the most notable product changes released over the month of September: 

21 Day Trials

Coassemble no longer has a free plan, instead we've replaced this with a 21 day trial allowing users to trial the plan that's right for them. In addition, we've simplified the registration process, no longer asking users to activate their accounts before they can login. 

Changes to Billing & Invoices

You may have noticed that we are now using Stripe for displaying and sending invoices. If you go to the billing history page you'll notice that your invoice may look slightly different. If you would like to retrieve any old invoices generated by Xero, please contact you and we'll be happy to send these through to you. 

Zapier Connect for Everyone

We now offer every user the ability to connect to third-party apps provided they have their own zapier account. 

Other Notable Changes

  • Assignment feedback for individual questions is now displayed on the student grades screens 

  • We fixed an issue where dates were appearing in the wrong format on some pages

  • Added a delay to the module completed pop-up because it was appearing too quickly when a learner got to the last screen in a module

  • Coassemble no longer requires completing hidden modules when module-order is enabled 

  • We made a few improvements and additions to the VETtrak integration

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