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It is important to make your content as easily accessible to your participants as possible and with the ability to easily duplicate your course and convert the content to your required language, you will enable a participant of any language to study your content!

If you are yet to create your content in a specific language you can also input your required language from the moment you start creating.

As an example, below we will focus on the steps for updating a tile in a Lesson from English to another language while keeping a master copy of the Lesson.

Step 1

Click Duplicate on your Lesson

Step 2

Duplicate the content, select the Workspace and Department that it is to be allocated to and give your Lesson a new name and then click Duplicate

Step 3

Locate your newly duplicated Lesson and click Edit

Step 4

Click Edit on the tile you are wanting to convert

Step 5

Proceed to your preferred translation program or if you are fluent in the required language, convert the content.  For this example we used Google Translate.

Original Content

Translated Content

Step 6

Click Save at the bottom of the page

Step 7

Preview the course to see your content being displayed correctly in the required language

Your content will now be supported by a different language!

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