This article is relevant for users on all plans. 

As the Finance Manager of your campus, you will automatically be responsible for payments within the platform.  Invoices are sent to your email address automatically and you will have access to Billing History within the platform. From there you can view your current plan and if your subscription is yet to be paid, or to access previous invoices. These are available to download as a PDF for your own records.

To access your Billing History, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Click on Settings towards the bottom of the navigation pane and then proceed to Plan & Billing

Step 2

Navigate to Billing History, here you will find the Invoice Date, Invoice Number, Amount, and the link to download the PDF Document for the Invoice

Note: Only the Finance Manager can access the Billing history in the Campus.  All Campus Managers can give themselves the Finance Manager permission if they require this access.

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