The Course Chat function is available for all groups enrolled into any one of your courses and is a powerful way to share information within a group. This allows for collaborative learning, which learners thrive on, and for common questions to be asked and answered by the facilitator or by fellow participants.

Enabling Group Chat in your workspace

By default, the group chat function is turned off. If you want to enable this in your workspace, go to Settings --> Workspace Settings, scroll all the way down and turn ON the group chat toggle.

⚠️ Groups chat is a global setting so this will turn on chat for all Groups within your workspace.

Accessing the Course Chat as a facilitator

You will be able to access group chat for your own groups:

  1. Navigate to the Enrolments tab of a course your group is enrolled in

  2. Click on the Group

  3. Click on the Chat tab on the right side (see below)

Accessing the Group Chat as a learner

Learners can access group chat from within a course, on the top left corner.

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