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Documents can easily be added to your content inline from Google Drive using the shareable link and embedding it into the body of your content using the WYSIWIG Text Editor.

Learn how to add a document inline by following a few simple steps!

Step 1

Proceed to Google Drive where your document has been created and click the Share button at the top right hand side of the page

Step 2

Change the access to Anyone on the internet can find and view and click Copy Link

Note: The document will require the above link access so that participants are not required to enter a password to view the content

Step 3

Head back to your Coassemble tile that you are wanting to add the document to and from the WYSIWYG Text Editor click on Insert Embeddable Content, paste in the URL that has been copied from Google Drive and click Insert

Step 4

Click Save to finalise your work.

And that's it! Your document will now be viewable within your course without having to go to an external source!

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