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The WYSIWYG Text Editor (What You See Is What You Get) is available to use within all aspects of Coassemble that can be edited to customise your Course content.  From descriptions to questions, bodies of text and for use within templates the WYSIWYG text editor is available for use to help you format your text as well as embedding other content in to your text.

Below we will explain each function available to you with the Text Editor and how it will change how your text or content is presented:

Section 1

  1. Bold - Font appears thicker

  2. Italics - Font appears on a slant

  3. Underline - Font has a line underneath it

  4. Strikethrough - Font has a line through the middle

  5. Subscript - Font appears half a character below the normal line in a smaller font

  6. Superscript - Font appears half a character above the normal line in a smaller font

Section 2

  1. Font Size - Font size can be increased or decreased

  2. Colours - Font text or background colour can be altered 

  3. Paragraph Style - Change the style of your paragraph including Grey, Bordered, Uppercase or Spaced stylings.

Section 3

  1. Paragraph Format - Font can be turned into a predetermined colour/size for Headings or examples of Code

  2. Align - Arrange your text to be aligned to the left, centred, to the right or justified.

  3. Ordered List - Create a list for your text to lie next to in numeric order

  4. Unordered List -  Create a bulleted list for your text to lie next to

  5. Decrease Indent - Align a specific line of text further to the left of the page if the indent has already been increased

  6. Increase Indent - Create a gap which moves the text further to the right hand side of the page.

  7. Quote - Alters the font colour and size while adding a corresponding coloured vertical line to the left of the text

Section 4

  1. Insert Link - Create a hyperlink to an alternate website and the text to be displayed to click on the link

  2. Insert Image - Embed an image inline

  3. Insert Video - Embed a video inline

  4. Insert Audio - Embed audio inline

  5. Insert Document - Create a link to a document within the body of the text

  6. Insert Embeddable Content - Embed media content inline

  7. Insert Table - Create a custom Table (unlimited rows and columns) for other text or content to be inserted into.

Section 5

  1.  Insert Horizontal Line - Quite literally insert a horizontal line below the line of text you're currently working on

  2. Emoticons - Insert emoticon from a predetermined set of emoticons

  3. Clear Formatting - Remove all formatting that has been previously applied to your text

  4. Full Screen - View the text editor as the full size of the screen

  5. Code View - View the formatting code that you have applied to your text.

All of the functions available in the WYSIWIG Text Editor are available for you to use within your content to enhance your learners' experience!

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