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What is a Course Module and what is the relationship between modules in a course

Course Modules can be used in your Course to alter the way your learning content is delivered, and also how your content is displayed to create an interactive learning experience.  

Module types include Lessons, Quizzes, Assignments, Documents, External Links or SCORM Packages. 

You will often start with a Lesson which will include the bulk of information necessary in that portion of the course. From here you can easily move on to a Quiz which will test the participants' knowledge of the content they have just engaged with from the previous Lesson. Documents or External Links can be provided to enhance the learning.  Assignments can be used to assess the participant of their knowledge of the course so far and will be submitted for manual grading where feedback can be provided.

How to add a Course Module

To add a course module follow the below steps:

Step 1 Click Edit on the course you are wanting to modify

Step 2 To insert a module, click 'Add New Module' button and select the module type from the drop-down list

The order in which the modules are displayed in the Course Pathway will alter the way the participant proceeds through the course and plays a large role in how your participants will interact with the content.

Module Settings

For each module type there are a number of settings that can be altered to change the way the participant interacts with the course.  The Module Settings can be accessed either from the Course Pathway or within the individual module.  We have discussed the Module Settings individually for each Module type so all have been listed below:

Lesson Module Settings
Quiz Module Settings
Assignment Module Settings
SCORM Package Module Settings

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