Things at Coassemble have really started to heat up! 

Not only have we managed to make significant improvements to the platform this month, we've almost doubled the Coassemble team, with significant hires in Customer Success, Marketing, Design, UX , and Development. Expect big changes over the next 6 months as we focus on making Coassemble even easier to use.

Group Chat Overhaul

We've developed a shiny new chat server. Some of our customers were experiencing intermittent performance so we thought we'd do a complete re-write. Now group chat is working perfectly and chat messaging is instant and reliable.  

Manage Screen > All Members Tab

We've significantly improved the performance of the 'All Members' tab. Some accounts with hundreds of users were experiencing significant load times on this page. It now loads instantly regardless of the number of users in your account. 

Enterprise Dashboard

If you're on the Enterprise plan you'll notice that you now have your very own dashboard to add and remove child campuses to your account. 

Other Notable Improvements 

  • Branching Scenario Template: You can now zoom in and out of the branching scenario scene outline 

  • We've added a new in-app notification when users are asked for permission to edit a resource

  • We've added start and completion time stamps to all Quiz attempts on the Quiz Report 

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