It's been another big month at Coassemble with the release of our most exciting template yet, amidst many other improvements. 

Branching Scenario Template

By far the biggest update we released this month was the Branching Scenario template (in Beta). This was a fantastic effort by the development team, who have been working tirelessly over a number of months to create our deepest template yet. To find out more about the Branching Scenario template, and what you could do with it, check out the Branching Scenario Template article.

Other Notable Improvements 

  • Module Availability & Course Completion Settings: We've fine-tuned the way the advanced module settings on groups work, as some users were forgetting to save individual settings. We've made that impossible to do now :) 

  • Spot the Mistake Challenge: We've delayed the feedback pop-up so that it gives participants more time to read their last correct answer

  • We now resend an activation link if a user tries to reset their password when they haven't activated their account

  • We've updated the grading screen select options using typical controls that you'll be familiar with across the rest of the platform

  • We've added the ability to reset your LTI Key/secret

Bug Fixes

Last month we worked on a speed optimisation project across that platform that resulted in speed increases of up to 8x for our users. To do this, we had to make changes to almost every part of the code-base. As a result, the system wasn't as stable as you've come to expect, with many minor, but unexpected bugs we had to jump on. Things are back to normal now, so smooth sailing ahead!

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