Major Performance Improvements

It's been a huge month for the development team at Coassemble who have been working tirelessly on refactoring much of the Coassemble code-base in order to achieve significant performance improvements across the platform. Coassemble now feels a lot snappier and if you are an enterprise customer with multiple campuses you'll experience speed improvements of up to 8x. 

New Features

Labelling Challenge

We've created a brand new challenge template - the Labelling Challenge. Find out more.

Grading Approvals

New 'Grading Approvals' feature to facilitate a 2-step grading process. Some institutions require a second step in the grading workflow whereby a facilitator can mark an assignment, but it will not be published until a secondary admin-level user has checked that the assignment has been marked correctly. Find out more here.    

Assignments Marking Guide

New 'Marking Guide' feature for assignments. This new feature allow users to add a model question or marking guide under each assignment question that is displayed when grading assignments, allowing facilitators to use it as a benchmark.

Other Notable Improvements 

  • To help improve performance, we've made significant changes to the way you access module options in group settings for courses. See the updated article here for more information. 

  • We've improved the performance of the groups report

  • We've added a delete button to resources pages so that you can removed unwanted documents and assignments from your campus. 

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