Once again we find ourselves at the start of a brand new month. As we've focussed most of our attention improving the performance of Coassemble we've had just a few new features released in the month of April. 

New Features

Course Completion Options 

We've added an additional 'must complete by' option to group settings. You can now choose to have your participants complete their course within a number of days from either enrolment, or commencement. 

Date enrolled is useful if I gradually want to enrol users over time. I may just use 1 group over a number of years and each time I enrol a new participant they get X number of days from the day I enrolled them.

Date commenced is useful for when I want to give my participants the flexibility to choose a date they want to start their course but make it fair so that all participants get the same amount of time to complete it.

You can also combine the two - for example, you can make sure participants complete their course within 60 days of enrolment and within 5 days of commencement.

Quick Enrol

You can now quickly add new enrolments by typing straight under your list of facilitators and participants, making it quicker than ever to enrol members into your courses.

Quiz Report

We've updated the Quiz Report export to include all of the detail and attempts for each participant. 

Performance Improvements

We've made a number of improvements to make sure Coassemble is running faster than ever:

  • We reduced the number of unnecessary queries to our Resource options database table, which will provide performance improvements right across the builder application

  • We added lazy loading to the courses > enrolments page because we have some users with hundreds of groups, which made it difficult for them to load the page. This change improves the performance for all users

  • We've made the Assignment Report page load one group at a time because loading many groups at once was making it difficult for some users to access the report

Other Improvements

  • The 'Module Completed' check was not appearing for SCORM objects on the course navigation menu until after the page was refreshed. We've made it appear immediately

  • Student view lessons were freezing randomly on Windows 7 machines with IE11 installed - this is now fixed

  • Fixed an issue where facilitators were seeing groups they didn't have access to

  • Fixed a bug where some facilitators were unable to grade assignments 

  • Participant-specific settings were not appearing as updated unless you refreshed the page; they appear immediately now

  • Acronym Template: 'Close all accordions on page load' option was not always working - we fixed this 

  • Fixed an issue where the 'time spent' column on the participants report was incorrectly displaying the time spent 

  • Fixed an issue where the upcoming assignment due date was not appearing for all participants 

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