It's been another busy month at Coassemble with a great number of improvements. Here's a list of the most notable changes we made to Coassemble in the last month: 

Coassemble is publicly available on Zapier

Coassemble can now integrate with 1000+ services through the help of Zapier. To find out more about how you can take your online training to the next level, check out the Zapier + Coassemble article

Please note this feature is only available on Scale plans and up.

New Features & Improvements

  • You can now choose to notify students when they've been dis-enrolled from a course

  • LTI functionality has been removed from BETA and is now publicly available on all plans. Click here to find out more about how LTI can work for you

  • We've created a new 'Module Completion' Webhook, which allows you to externally track each time a participant completes a module in a course

  • We've created a new Zapier action so that you can choose to automatically enrol facilitators as well as participants

  • We've added a new column to the Course Report to display Quiz question results in detail; we've also allowed these results to be accessible through the Coassemble API  

Bug Fixes

  • We discovered that the 'Course Grades' button was visible on share links and removed it

  • We've fixed an issue where new accounts were automatically created if a user signed in with Google. We now check to see if a Google account is actually associated with a campus; if it's not, we ask the user to try a different email address as they were not originally signed up with their Google account

  • We've fixed an issue where changing the value of a pool of answers in a Quiz was very difficult

  • We fixed a problem where the Duplicate/Mirror button wasn't working when viewing resources in List View mode 

Performance Improvements

We've made a number of performance improvements this month and are committed to spending 20% of our time each month improving the performance of Coassemble and building automated unit tests to reduce the instance of bugs.  

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