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Zapier is a tool that lets you connect and sync data between different apps to automate time-consuming tasks. When something happens in one app, it can automatically trigger an action in another app. 

With over 1000 apps to connect with, you can use Coassemble and Zapier together to automatically enrol participants to courses, sign new enrolments up to a mailing list, or, as we'll discuss in this article, generate certificates on course completion.

Register new Coassemble participants for a webinar on GoToWebinar

Get new Coassemble participants up-and-running faster by registering them for a getting ‘started webinar’. This simple Coassemble-GoToWebinar integration automatically registers new enrolments on your Coassemble courses for a GoToWebinar webinar. Live webinars are a great way to onboard new participants as well as adding a personal touch to your online courses.

Don't worry - Zapier includes a whole range of webinar services that you can choose from, including WebinarNinhja and Zoom. 

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