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Zapier is a tool that lets you connect and sync data between different apps to automate time-consuming tasks. When something happens in one app, it can automatically trigger an action in another app. With over 1000 apps to connect with, you can use Coassemble and Zapier together to automatically enroll participants to courses, sign new enrollments up to a mailing list, generate certificates on course completion, or sign participants up to a webinar when enrolled into a new course.

How does it work?

Triggers and actions are events that happen in the products you use. Zapier combines a trigger from one product with an action in another. You can use any of the following Coassemble triggers and actions to connect with other products using Zapier:


  • Course Completed - Triggers when a student completes a course
  • New Enrollment - Triggers when a new enrollment is added
  • New Group - Triggers when a new group is added
  • New Member - Triggers when a new member is added
  • New Course - Triggers when a new course is created
  • New Department - Triggers when a new department is added


  • Create Enrollment - Enrolls a user in a group.
  • Create Group - Create a new group in a course.
  • Create Course - Creates a new course.
  • Create Department - Creates a new department.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can use Coassemble and Zapier to take your online training to the next level:

Course Certificates

Generate course certificates from Coassemble with Accredible Certificates and WebMerge

Give students who’ve completed your Coassemble courses the ability to share their achievements with the world. After setting up one of these handy certificates integrations, Zapier will push participant completion results to the certificate creation service of your choice every time a participant completes a course on Coassemble.

eCommerce integration with Shopify

Enroll Shopify users with new paid orders in a Coassemble course

Your customers want to start their courses the moment they pay for them. With this handy Shopify-Coassemble integration, each time a user makes a new purchase on Shopify, they will automatically be enrolled into the associated course on Coassemble. Streamlining the user experience for your customers improves retention and saves you time by automating a process that would ordinarily require you to do it manually.

When a new course is added in Coassemble, create a new product in Shopify

Creating new products in Shopify can be time consuming. With this handy Coassemble-Shopify integration, each time a new course is created in Coassemble, a new product is automatically created in Shopify. This is a great time saver and also ensures your Shopify shop is up-to-date with all the latest courses created in Coassemble.

Create a Coassemble course when a Shopify product is added

It’s tiresome creating a matching course in Coassemble everytime you create a new Product in your Shopify shop. This simple Shopify-Coassemble integration creates a new course in Coassemble everytime you create a new product in Shopify. Automating this step saves time and ensures your courses in Coassemble match the products in your Shopify shop.

Automatic Enrollments

Generate enrollments into Coassemble when a row is added to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Need a solution for allowing colleagues without a Coassemble account to enroll participants into Coassemble courses? This Google Sheets-Coassemble integration creates a new enrollment into a Coassemble course each time a new row is added to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Not all of your colleagues are required to have an Coassemble account to perform tasks on your Coassemble campus. Automating the enrollment process saves you time and keeps your course content secure.

Enroll Paperform form submissions into a Coassemble course

Want to supply your customers with a simple-to-use form to enroll their course facilitators and participants into Coassemble courses? With this handy Paperform-Coassemble integration, each time a user makes a new submission on a Paperform form, an enrollment will automatically be created on a course in Coassemble. Streamlining the user experience for your customers improves retention and saves you time by automating a process that would ordinarily require you to do it manually.

Note: Paperform also allows you to take payments on each form submission as an alternative eCommerce solution

Mailing lists and Webinars

Automatically subscribe new Coassemble enrolments to a MailChimp mailing list

Need a way to Deliver custom emails with your unique branding to participants? Each time a participant is enrolled into a course, they will be added to your subscriber list in MailChimp. Use this list to send general notifications and reminders.

Register new Coassemble participants for a webinar on GoToWebinar

Get new Coassemble participants up-and-running faster by registering them for a getting ‘started webinar’. This simple Coassemble-GoToWebinar integration automatically registers new enrollments on your Coassemble courses for a GoToWebinar webinar. Live webinars are a great way to onboard new participants as well as adding a personal touch to your online courses.

Automatically add new Coassemble members to a Podio Contact App

Looking for a way to collate additional information about your Coassemble members? Each time a new member is added to Coassemble, they will be added as a new contact in your Podio Contact App. From your Podio Contact App you can add more detailed information and attach notes specific to new Coassemble members.

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