It's been a very busy month with the release of some great new features and some big improvements under the hood. We've compiled a list of the most notable changes below:

Shiny New WYSIWYG Text Editor

Yup - we've finally done it, we've got a shiny new WYSIWYG editor that looks like it belongs in the 21st century! It's packed full of new features, so make sure you check out the article here to find out more. 

Lesson Templates

  • We've created a brand spanking new challenge template - the Dial Challenge. It allows you to create number-based questions that ask the learner to choose a value between 2 numbers. Click here to find out more.

  • The Acronym Template: We've added an option to have all items accordion headings closed by default when the page loads.

  • Steps Template: Added a new option that allows you to show or hide the 'Step' heading that currently displays by default. 

  • We now force users to select a correct answer on quiz/checkpoint questions so that you can't accidentally create a question that can't be completed by a student. 

  • Fixed instructors tip so that it has a max height and scrolls if you have too much content


  • After submitting a question in an assignment, the participant is now automatically taken to the next question. 

  • As a participant, after submitting all of the questions to an assignment, it is now suggested to me to submit the assignment for grading.

  • Fixed an issue where PDF attachments initial zoom so small you couldn't see it properly in Google Chrome.

  • Fixed an issue where the assignment report wasn't displaying competency based grading correctly. 

  • Participants can now upload videos directly to Coassemble 

  • Facilitators can now upload videos directly to Coassemble


  • When editing individual settings for a participant in a group, it now inherits the group settings so you don't have to reset them all. 

  • We've added preview buttons for individual modules on the course > modules screen so you can now quickly preview each module when editing a course. 

  • New look login screen

  • We now only show a register link on to stop learners from accidentally creating an account instead of logging into your campus. 

  • Updated the permissions so that If I own a group and have the department level TEACH and ENROL permissions, I am now able to change the settings of that group. 

  • We're getting very close to launching our Zapier app to the public. We'll keep you posted! 

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