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The Dial challenge is a simple challenge that asks the learner to choose a value between 2 numbers. The learner can drag the dial with their mouse or finger (on a touch screen device) to select a value. Once the learner is happy they've got the correct value, they click the 'Check Answer' button. 

If the learner gets the answer correct, they will see a congratulations feedback pop-up and after clicking OK, will move to the next tile.

If the learner gets the answer incorrect, they will be asked to try again.

Creating a Dial Challenge

You can find the Dial Challenge under the 'Interactive/Challenge' templates menu on the lesson outline edit screen. 

As an author creating a new Dial Challenge, I have the following options:

  • Min Value - this is the lowest  value the learner can select.

  • Max Value - this is the highest value the learner can select.

  • Correct Value (answer) - this is the value the learner must select to complete the challenge

  • Prefix (e.g. $) - Use this to add a symbol before the displayed value

  • Suffix (e.g. %) - Use this to add a symbol after the displayed value

  • Increment - Show incremental lines between min value and max value

  • Snap to increments - when dragging, snap to increments

  • Labels - show labels next to the increments (Choose how may there should be. You can choose to have 10 increments, but only have labels on 4 of them)

  • Decimals - allow decimal points. Use a stepper to add. 

  • Display number In Center (e.g 59 %) ON/OFF

  • Change 'Check Answer' button text (default is 'Check Answer')

  • Custom feedback for Correct and Incorrect answer - (this will appear in the pop-up)

When creating your new template you get a preview of how it will look on the right hand side. To preview, click the preview button on the top right hand corner to test that it works as expected. 

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