Brunswick is our first official release for 2018 and it's a taste of what's to come in the following months. This year we plan to release a whole range of new Lesson and Quiz templates and greatly improve the the overall performance and usability of Coassemble. 

In addition, we've changed the way we develop and release new features to our customers. Instead of releasing batches of features at the end of each month, we'll be deploying new code and delivering value to our customers daily. We will, however, continue to notify you each month about  the most notable features released.

New Features and Improvements

  • As mentioned above, we'll be releasing some new templates over the year, the first of which is a presentation template called Checklist Template. Please be sure to check out the article on the Checklist Template to find out more. 

  • At the request of many of our users, we've added click functionality to the Drag the Ticks quiz/checkpoint question type. In addition to dragging the ticks to the answer box, the learner can simply click the answer boxes to indicate where they'd like the ticks to go.  

  • We've significantly improved the performance of the reports in the Analyse section. Instead of having to wait seconds for your reports to load, in most cases, they now load almost instantly. 

  • We've added a permissions matrix reference guide on the user permissions screen to help you better understand how our permissions work. 

  • We've greatly improved the performance of some our slowest database queries.

  • We've implemented a whole range of automated tests to make sure we know about bugs before you do.

  • You can now search for participant by their full name on the Results report.

  • We've finally retired our version 1 web hooks. 

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Course averages were not showing on the student Course breakdown report for some users.

  • Fixed date formatting for IE10 .

  • Lock-step-hidden modules no longer show on the grades screen.

  • Noticeboard view count fixed.

  • Fixed randomise feature for Match Corresponding question type.

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