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At Coassemble we love the latest and most innovative platforms that help us get stuff done. When we were looking to create online forms for a few clients and for some of our own internal processes, we were told about another great platform, Paperform. After only a few minutes playing around we knew we had found something special.  

Paperform is a web-based application that allows users to create and share eye-catching forms, and was named one of Zapier’s fastest-growing apps of 2017. We started using Paperform ourselves midway through last year, and loved the ease with which it let us create surveys.

Now, we’ve partnered up with the team at Paperform to make it super easy to design and embed a Paperform feedback survey into Coassemble. So now you can get instant feedback on your Coassemble Courses. 

Coassemble users can embed a Paperform survey at the end of their Courses for participants to fill out, providing valuable Course feedback. We’ve gone ahead and created a template for Coassemble users, so all you have to do is add your finishing touches - like a company logo or branding - and you’re good to go.

To start adding Paperform forms to your Coassemble Courses, follow the steps below!

Creating your free Paperform account

Step 1: Go to the Paperform site using this link and create a free trial account- You'll get 10% off for life if you decide to get a full account! *courtesy of your friends at Coassemble

Step 2:  Watch the Paperform demo video to see how you can benefit from the elegantly designed website. Next, enter you Name, Email, and create a Password to create your free account

Step 3: Take a moment to review the General Terms & Conditions of Use and then select I Agree to continue

You should now be logged into your newly created Paperform account! Please note that you need to verify your email address before your forms can be submitted.

Accessing the Coassemble Paperform template and adding it to your Coassemble Course

Step 1: Go to to login to your Paperform account and click Create With Template located over the Course Feedback Survey image. (This template was designed by the Coassemble Team and brought to life by the Paperform team)

Step 2:
Fill out the About your form sheet with the required information and click Let's Make A Form!

If you would like to edit/style the form to best reflect your brand or edit any of the form questions, please feel free to do so

Step 3: Click on SHARE, copy the URL, and make your way to the Course you would like to add this to

Step 4: Enter the Modules section of the Course, create a new Lesson at the end of the Course and click Edit 

Step 5: Enter the editing page for the first Lesson Tile, give the Tile an appropriate Title, paste the Paperform Share URL into the Description Text Box, save your changes and Publish the Lesson

This will automatically embed the Survey within the Lesson Tile

How to upgrade to a paid plan with a 10% discount

If you haven't made an account, please click here

Step 1: Go to to login to your account
Step 2: Click on the 14 Days To Go - Complete Account Setup button located on the top right of the page

Step 3: Fill out the information required to activate your new Active Paid Account

We, at Coassemble, are very excited to be working with Paperform.

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