Creating a Quiz

Step 1: Go to the 'Create' page and click on 'Create'

Step 2: Select 'Quiz', give your new Quiz a title, select the Department it will join, and click on the '+ Create' button

If you would like to create a new Department, use the '+ Add Department'

Step 3: You will then be taken to the newly created Quiz ready for editing and creation. If you would would like to add a new Quiz question to your Quiz, drag an Coassemble template from the right and drop it to the left

Step 4: Fill out the Quiz question template with your content and hit 'Save'

Step 5: If you would like to edit the question after you've created it, click on the orange 'Edit' button. Once you have entered all of your content in your new Quiz, you will need to ensure you click 'Publish' to enforce any changes made

Don't forget you are also able to change the settings of the Quiz by clicking the 'Module Settings' button

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