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Adding a quiz module to the course pathway

You can add a quiz to any course by using the 'Add New Module' button and selecting the 'Quiz' option. 

Give your quiz a title and click the checkmark button to continue.  

Your new quiz will be added to the bottom of the course pathway. To start editing the quiz, click the 'Edit' button. 

The quiz builder screen

The quiz builder view allows you to build a quiz from 11 question templates. These include: 

  • Multiple choice

  • True/false

  • Input text

  • Drag the ticks

  • Multiple true/false

  • Drag multiple

  • Match corresponding

  • Match sequence

  • Drop down 

  • Multiple image choice

  • Drag and Drop

To add a new quiz question, simply choose a template from the templates panel and drag it to the marquee area on the middle of the screen. 

Once you've dropped the template, a modal window pops up allowing you to configure the quiz question. Click the save button once you're done. 

You can reorder, edit, delete, or duplicate existing quiz questions by hovering over the question row to reveal additional actions. 

Publish your quiz

Once you've finished your quiz, its' time to publish it. Publishing your quiz means that it will be available for your learners to take. If you need to make changes at any time, simply update the quiz and publish your updated changes. 

Quiz settings

For detailed information on configuring the settings for you quiz, take a look at the how to configure your quiz article. 

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